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they get old because they quit playing."




Minutes of the Pre-season Managers' Meeting (2/23/2015)

To view the minutes please click on this LINK.


2015 Final BBSSL Schedule (2/23)

Commissioner Jim Ganz has issued the final schedule for the 2015 season. There was one minor change made from the previous preliminary schedule. In the July 22 scheduled game, the Oldliners are now the home team against Bowie Silver. There was also a recent change involving Reisterstown, Bowie Gold and the Hitters. On games scheduled for June 1 and 3; and June 29 and July 1, the home teams will now be the visitors and vice versa. Please click HERE to view the final schedule for the upcoming season..




BSSL Records and Standings

Over the past several seasons, Rich Costa, who plays for Glen Elg, has designed and prepared a very creative and useful document entitled BSSL Records and Standings. It includes the results of the scheduled games as to wins and losses, the number of times teams have beaten each other and the resulting standings by division. As I have in the past, I intend to included this report in this space throughout the season. To view it, click HERE.



2014 League Results

For those who would like to relive the exciting moments of last season, just click on this LINK



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