"Seniors don't quit playing softball because they get old;

they get old because they quit playing."



Baltimore Beltway Senior Softball League
Pre-Season Meeting
Monday, April 10, 2017
Cedar Lane Park
Ellicott City, Maryland


1. Announcements

            Rules Committee Chair

2 .Approval of 2017 Budget

3. Team Rosters – If you have not sent your preliminary rosters to me by email, please bring them with you and make them as comprehensive as possible.

4. Franchise Fee and Playoffs– bring checks for $135.00 made out to BBSSL.

5. Fees for 2016 – bring checks for either ($52.00) for one dozen balls, ($104.00) for two dozen balls or ($156.00) for three dozen balls, made out to MCSSA. (Balls were ordered at $52/dozen)

        Breakdown of balls ordered:
1 Dozen                  2 Dozen                3 Dozen
Bel Air                      Bronze         Howard County
Catonsville                 Blue
Dundalk                     Gray
Shockers                 Glenelg
Shoremen             Glen Burnie

            None for Hitters and Reisterstown

6. Distribution of ASA Materials

7. Schedule Discussion
    1. A one year effort
    2. Post Season tournament
8. Other items carried over from the Fall Meeting:
    • 2017 rosters are to be submitted to the Commissioner not later than April 21. Rosters must be typewritten and be clear and legible. Rosters must also be exchanged between managers at the first meeting of the year between teams.
    • Regarding rosters, any time a change is made to a team’s roster, an email message will be sent to all the BBSSL addressees by the team making the change.
    • Final rosters are to be in place by July 1 in order for a player to be eligible to play in the post-season tournament.
    • Teams agreed to allow teams to recruit players from adjacent states, with a limit of two players per team.
    • The regular season will begin on Monday April 24, 2017
    • Games during the first two weeks of the season may begin at 11:00 a.m. to avoid the cold mornings. Variations can be adjusted by mutual consent between the two managers.

9. Use the Digital System on the website for submitting the scores of your games.

10. Items I may have overlooked.

11. Distribution of Balls (30 dozen were ordered)

12. Adjournment

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